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Do I have to believe in acupuncture for it to work?

Not at all. Acupuncture has been used successfully on cats, dogs, horses, and other animals. These animal patients clearly don’t “believe” in acupuncture but do enjoy it and get better, nevertheless. That said, a positive attitude is always helpful. Within a couple of sessions, you will be able to tell if acupuncture works for you.


Is it safe?

Certainly, safer than some medications or surgery! Side effects, if present are rather minor: pinpoint bruising and/or mild soreness around the points.


Can I combine acupuncture with other therapies?

With very few exceptions, absolutely! For example, many patients combine acupuncture and medications to control surgery-related pain. As a matter of fact, acupuncture lowers the need for conventional pain-killing drugs.

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Many patients referred to me are new to acupuncture and don’t know what to expect. My advice is to try acupuncture in a group session. If you like it, you can schedule an individual session for in-depth work.

Are the needles sterile?

Of course! These days, we only use single-use sterile stainless-steel needles. Communication of disease through acupuncture has not been an issue in the US.

Is there medicine on the needle?

Not on a regular acupuncture needle. In addition to traditional acupuncture, I offer another modality, called acupuncture point injection, where I do inject vitamins or other substances into acupuncture points. But that’s not for everyone.

How many points will you use?

The number of points varies based on the complaint. I tend to be conservative and not use more than 12 points per treatment.


How deeply are the needles inserted?

That depends on the point location ... and your preference. If this is something that stops you from trying acupuncture, I can always start with superficial needling and/or needless treatment, such as ultrasound or laser. Whatever I do, it should not hurt!


Do I stay dressed during a session?

Usually, I can reach most of the distal points on your body by rolling up your sleeves and pants, making undressing unnecessary. Of course, wearing loose-fitting clothing makes everybody’s life easier.

What is the length of an acupuncture session?

My experience has been that, if acupuncture works, it works rather quickly making long sessions counterproductive. I rarely retain needles for longer than 20 minutes. In some cases (point injection therapy), the whole treatment is over in under 5 minutes. So ... again, it all depends.


What will I feel after a treatment?

It's hard to predict. Some people get energized, while others report feeling relaxed and even sleepy. Many comment that, following a treatment, they have a very restful night's sleep. You'd have to try acupuncture to see how it affects you.


Are there any side effects?

Life has side effects. So does acupuncture - albeit exponentially less than any, even over the counter, medication or, worse, surgery. In some chronic cases, a mild aggravation of symptoms may happen at first, to be gradually replaced by improvement over the course of several weeks. Occasionally, quite strong emotional reactions to treatment, such as crying or giggling, may occur in some patients. Fainting is frequently cited by literature … but has never happened in my practice.


How many acupuncture treatments will I need?

It varies. Depending on your condition, you could start feeling better right away, or you may need several treatments . I really don't "milk" it. If after a couple of treatments you don't see any improvement, I usually don't recommend continuous treatments.


What about herbs?

Yes, I often recommend (but never sell or make my patients buy) herbs and supplements. Unlike Western herbs, Chinese herbs are used in specific combinations (“formulas”), as opposed to single herbs. An herbal formula may be comprised of as many as 6 to 15 herbs, acting synergistically within the formula.


Can you guarantee the results?

No. Medicine is an inherently unpredictable and inexact endeavor. You may not get well fast enough, not improve at all, or (in some exceedingly rare instances) get worse. What I do guarantee is that I will take your symptoms seriously and practice intentional healing.


Would I have to subscribe and pay a monthly fee to receive acupuncture?

No. I don’t believe in trapping people into using my services. Patients return to me because they feel better. You are 100% in charge of your health and should be free to choose how and when to see your health care provider.

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