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Individual Therapy

An Hour Dedicated to YOU
Unlike group sessions offering generic treatment packages, individual therapy is tailored to your health needs. By listening to your story while carefully palpating your body, I can not only address the obvious physical manifestations of your “pain” but also begin “unwrapping” the underlying energetic blockages perpetuating the dis-ease.
It takes place in my studio and lasts one hour. I needle, use electrotherapies, apply manual therapies, and administer acupuncture injections. We may use a traditional massage table and/or a massage chair – whichever allows the best access.
This hour of uninterrupted healing is the epitome of a truly holistic therapeutic experience!


Please familiarize yourself with my approach to healing, practice policies, and fee schedule. If possible, complete the required paperwork (online) prior to your first session.


Respect My Time

If you can’t make it, please let me know in advance. My availability is limited – someone else could use this time slot.



Come well hydrated. Avoid treatments after a heavy meal, when hungry or extremely tired. Wear loose-fitting clothing.


Bring a Friend (or two)

Feel free to bring an emotional support person (a friend, significant other, spouse). I welcome observers.


Arrive on Time

Plan on coming 10 minutes early to get situated and fill out, if necessary, health history forms. If you happen to arrive late, I will not be able to give you the full hour. Regardless of when you arrive, the visit must end on time in consideration of other patients.


Feel the Pulse


  • Wear loose-fitting clothing, if the weather allows

  • Allow yourself plenty of time: it you are in a rush, it’s better to reschedule

  • Take all personal belongings with you back into the treatment room

  • Turn off your cell phone

Healing Happens

Many experience rather dramatic results during the very first treatment. Others may need several treatments spread over 6 to 8 weeks. Chronic conditions may require ongoing “maintenance” treatments. You yourself decide what works for you. I only suggest.


Personal Responsibility

Like many other therapies, acupuncture is not a “magic cure.” While being helpful in many health conditions, acupuncture is not a substitute for regular primary care. Neither is it meant to replace learning how to properly use your body or cope with life’s stresses. A pattern of passive reliance on needles is unlikely to lead to any meaningful improvement.


No Guarantees

All treatments are considered a therapeutic trial. Your (positive) response is reevaluated during each visit. I will suggest more treatments only if we both feel that this is beneficial to your health. More is not always better!


Future Services

While I make every effort to maintain a continuous therapeutic relationship with my patients, I can NOT guarantee any future services. My circumstances may change.



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